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Down jacket in red: Bright color to white background

Down jacket in red: Bright color to white background

A down jacket in red proves to be a good choice for the cold season. If you do not want to freeze in winter, go for down or a quilted jacket. Ladies in particular often suffer from the cold. This is no coincidence: the female sex hormone estrogen is responsible for this. More so than in men, the blood vessels dilate in the cold, which results in a lot of heat being released to the outside. Starting at a temperature of about 15 degrees Celsius, the female body is busy keeping the internal organs warm. It reduces the circulation of the extremities. If you stay outside for a longer period of time, it’s good to have a warm one down jacket in red to wear. The colder it gets outside and the thinner you get, the faster you start to freeze. To generate heat, the body begins to shiver. It is particularly important to keep the upper body warm. Then there is enough energy left to warm your arms and legs. In winter, a thick jacket is a must. A down jacket in red signals what we want from her: warmth.

Stylish score with a down jacket in red

But it comes Ladies When choosing the winter jacket not only to ensure that the jacket keeps nice and warm. The fashion aspect should also not be ignored. Again, the down jacket in red points. Especially in winter, the signal color red is particularly noticeable and fits perfectly into the white surroundings of a skiing holiday or a snowy city. With white trousers and a matching scarf, this effect is further enhanced. Practical models with a detachable hood are flexible. When the outside temperature rises again, the down jacket in red can be easily worn without a hood. Matching the down jacket in red are chic Red Winter boots made of warming leather. A well-thought-out winter look also needs a matching make-up. Who puts on a primer of the skin in soft sand tones, is just right. It gives the skin a silky glow. Eyeshadow in pink and silver gray makes the look always awake. To conjure up the perfect eye gloss, every woman with black mascara and brown eyebrow pencil is right. Instead of lipstick offers a pink lip gloss. Stylishly dressed with a down jacket in red, the cold season can begin.