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Dress Shirts

Dress Shirts

For particularly elegant occasions are tasteful dress shirts a good choice. They impress with impeccable, noble design, which has a very traditional character. Of course, the shirts can be worn not only to tuxedos, but also to smart suits. Classically, you combine them with a fly. A narrow tie is also possible. It gives the shirt a modern touch and makes the whole look look more youthful.

The typical characteristics of a dress shirt include envelope cuffs and a front panel placket. The collar, however, can be designed very differently. The variations range from the stand-up collar to the flap collar and inspire each with their own unique look. dress shirts are preferably worn in bright colors. But it does not always have to be white. Alternatively, tasteful champagne tones or delicate rosé are available. In order to make the cover cuffs look really good, they should be equipped with noble cufflinks. The dress shirt is used wherever a special degree of elegance is required.

This can be a gala, a wedding party or a prom. If you are for one dress shirt Decide, prove your sense of style and a sense of classic elegance. Therefore, anyone who has a tuxedo in the closet should also have one of the noble shirts. Take advantage of our personal style advice and the next wedding invitation can come