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Duffle coat for women: trendy winter coat in a beautiful retro style

Duffle coat for women: trendy winter coat in a beautiful retro style

The Duffle coat for ladies is hotter than ever. With its stylish retro look and many great colors, it fits almost every style and gives an elegant impression, without being too noble. He is the perfect mix of sporty casualness and elegance. Visually, it is characterized by its straight cuts: angular shapes on the pockets and shoulders meet small details like the typical Dufflecoat knobs. These are usually made of wood or horn and give this coat an additional retro look. The only classic coat model features duffel coat for ladies still over a hood. The name owes its name duffel coat The Belgian city of Duffel, south of Antwerp: This is where the cotton fabric used for this coat comes from, which is characterized by its particular severity. This makes it perfect for warm winter coats and so is a duffle coat for women the perfect jacket for particularly cold days. This is also ensured by the large hood and the high collar, with which the coat can be closed well against the cold air.

What a duffle coat for women is best combined

Thanks to the trendy retro look, a duffle coat for women fits perfectly into almost any outfit. It fits wonderfully, for example, to classic jeans, when they are color matched to the coat. Most duffle coats are made in natural tones like brown or beige and can therefore be combined well with dark blue jeans. This creates a more sporty look. A duffel coat for women in combination with pants in related shades looks a bit more elegant and stylish: it is possible, for example, to combine it with chinos in other shades of brown or in plain black. Anyone who chooses a black duffle coat can combine virtually any color. Especially popular and rather unusual is the coat in a trendy red wine. This color supports the elegant look of the coat and can also be combined well with black or various shades of brown. If you like a sporty style, it’s best to take sneakers with your shoes. Especially in women, the duffle coat looks a bit cheeky and very modern. The combination is crucial and so Dufflecoats can fit wonderfully into a variety of outfits and are especially good for young women.