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Empire dresses: stylish appearance through elaborate details

Empire dresses: stylish appearance through elaborate details

Empire dresses: elegant creations for the evening

Their wide-ranging look from classic elegance to the girlish look has Empire Dresses developed into a synonym for tasteful evening wear. Ladies appreciate the dresses especially for their flattering shape. And many feel like looking at the self-confident female characters from Jane Austen’s romance novels. In fact, the Empire style has its origins in France. Inspired by the clothing of the Egyptians, Napoleon’s wife Jos√©phine picks up on fashion – and thus becomes the much-copied fashion icon of her time.

Fashion-loving Parisian women wrap themselves on their model in muslin or delicate chiffon, pleated cotton or silk. Typical for that Empire dress At that time, as now, is the darts under the chest and the slightly falling skirt. After the final defeat of Napoleon, the epoch of Biedermeier forced the beautiful sleeveless dresses back into the wardrobes for a while. Today, the Empire style is brighter and more diverse than ever. Brands such as Coast, Esprit, Laona, Luxuar and Marie Blanc have dedicated themselves to Paris-based evening wear. Modern designs build the bridge to this highly fashionable era by adding new influences to the basic style of the dress.

Empire dresses: stylish appearance through elaborate details

Many ladies want evening dresses that are elegant yet informal and light. Empire Dresses are sometimes graceful, sometimes girlishly tender. Their cut ranges from classic ankle length to a mini dress for the noble appearance in balmy summer nights. In terms of color, the spectrum ranges from delicate lilac and rose tones through various shades of blue to printed models in a romantic, floral style. Slightly transparent chiffon, inlaid pleats on the skirt and decorative folds on the bustier underline the girlish design.

Details like these decisively determine the charm of the empire dresses and give them a wonderfully individual touch. For example, a trimming of colored decorative stones draws a wonderfully noble transition from bustier to skirt. Equally welcome is the waist yoke. Ruffles, lace or even a silky bow below the chest show tone-on-tone decorative eye-catchers on the floor. Empirical dresses are usually closed by means of a side zipper. Lightweight underwear and reinforced fabric in the bustier make for an opaque and therefore all-round stylish appearance. Those who find it too cool in their sleeveless dresses can also look forward to great combinations with towels or large scarves made of silky fabric.