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Equipped with loop scarves for every season

Equipped with loop scarves for every season

In autumn and winter he is just a fashion accessory – the Loop scarf, Also known as an endless scarf, it promises a sophisticated wearing style that sets special accents in your outfit. Unlike a classic scarf, which is simply placed around the neck, the loop variant consists of a self-contained piece of cloth. Therefore, it is simply wrapped around the neck. This is possible one or more times, depending on how long and stretchy the scarf is and, of course, which look you want to achieve.

A rather loose worn Loop scarf, which falls over the outerwear, is mainly worn as an additional fashion highlight, while a rather tightly wound loop is especially useful in winter, as well as neck and neck remain well warmed. Once wrapped around your neck, it practically slips out of place Loop scarf nothing more. This will get you warm through the cold days. Cuddly models made of knitwear are therefore recommended for the winter, while a light fabric makes the weather of the still springy spring bearable. The loop scarves are equally worn by ladies and gentlemen. While the male variant here usually remains discreet and is usually worn as a knit model in the cold season, it may be more playful in the ladies. Pastel colors, Burberry patterns, ethnic prints or elegant models of fake fur create diversity and make the Loop scarf Both casual wear and more formal looks can be combined.

With hair accessories such as bandana or a beautiful clip you can also wear your hair up, so that the scarf comes out even better.