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Fashionable bags that inspire him

Fashionable bags that inspire him

They are the indispensable companions in everyday life, both for women and men. The matching bags can be found for every occasion, from fashionable-functional over sporty, to classic-elegant. The variants for everyday life as well as the evening reflect the most varied styles and can therefore be worn as a perfect accessory to your look.

Here ladies find the right favorite for every situation

For ladies, the variety is especially great. Bags such as the bowling bag, the crossbody bag, the shopper or the classic handbag have proven themselves time and again in everyday life. The spacious pockets provide ample space for everything important woman would like to carry with her, from wallet to planner. From the office or university, it can go straight to town for shopping. A well-designed compartment layout ensures that everything is always at hand and the bags become an indispensable fashion accessory. For the evening and festive occasions, the contents of the bag will be reduced slightly. Accordingly, the bags are smaller, but no less impressive. A clutch or pochette is the right choice. The models are characterized by their particularly glamorous touch and stylish complement your cocktail dress, your trouser suit or your evening robe.

And for men too, more and more models can be found that are very popular as a practical accessory. Suitcases, sports bags, rucksacks or trolleys are the true stowage wonders among men’s models and are usually used for specific purposes. But smaller Umhakeneaschen or slightly more spacious Messenger Bags are often worn by men. Worn over the shoulder, they can be combined to any kind of casual look. If you do not always want to carry your wallet, keys and mobile phone with you in your back pocket, you can instead choose a tasteful shoulder bag that always retains its masculine and sporty character despite its stylistic certainty.