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Fashionable combinations with the hobo bag

Fashionable combinations with the hobo bag

Some trends keep coming back and have inspired a multitude of fashion fans for generations. The hobo bag is just as much a part of this as the boho style, with which the spacious handbag can be wonderfully combined.

Hobo comes from the British vocabulary and refers to a migrant worker or a tramp. In fashionable jargon, however, this does not mean that the Bags give it a particularly rustic look. Rather, the hobo bag is an aesthetic upgrade of the casual travel bundle. Characteristic of the handbag is the crumpled character of the material and the renunciation of design elements that stabilize the shape. With a strap, the bag can be worn casually over the shoulder, often taking on a sickle shape.

The casual style of the bag is often additionally supported by materials such as linen or fringe details. In the collections of renowned labels but also find very elegant Hobo Bags, Thus, they also fit wonderfully to business fashion, costume or trouser suit. Because most Bags Quite generously cut and equipped with additional compartments, they offer enough space for important things of everyday life. Combine a fringed suede hob bag for a hip hippie outfit, or wear a velvet outfit as a break in style for the decidedly puristic look of Scandinavian fashion.