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Fashionable or classic in a dress in size 36

Fashionable or classic in a dress in size 36

Mini, maxi, summery, elegant, simple or extravagant – dresses in the ideal size 36 is available in all variations. Be inspired by the current styles and discover your new favorite pieces for a variety of occasions.

With dress size 36 you have the luxury to be able to stage your figure to your heart’s content. From laid-back basics to exclusive designer models, you’ll be relaxed as you choose to perform on any occasion. In addition to comfortable casual dresses and chic business looks, evening dresses are also part of the wide range – from seductive cocktail dresses to cute Fifties-style models to floor-length robes.

Are you looking for a timeless model? How about a gray straight cut dress in knee length? With modern three-quarter sleeves, the cut looks young and feminine. Combine the dress elegantly with pumps or confidently with rough boots. This will make you look good in the office or while shopping. If you like it more colorful, you are in clothes size 36 all doors open. Delicate pastel tones give the impression of being particularly beautiful and girlish in soft falling silk or viscose. Powerful colors are great either in plain or in the form of graphic prints