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Field jacket for men: masculine and sporty through the outdoors

Field jacket for men: masculine and sporty through the outdoors

Conquer with their sporty and comfortable design Field jackets equally downtowns and outdoor. Originally, the hip-length jackets come from the military sector. Beyond this use in particular the models make? M-65? and? M-51? The US Army likes to use templates for modern designs. Movie stars such as Robert De Niro or Görtz George as Tatort Commissioner Schimanski show up on screen in the? M-65? and make them a trademark with recognition value. The version without epaulets even carries the nickname? Schimanski jacket? and enjoys until today special popularity with sporty gentlemen. Due to its robustness and the all-round comfortable, windproof shape comes the Field jacket Preferably used as a casual jacket in the outdoor area. Typical for the look here are various camouflage patterns. In addition, movement-happy men can look forward to numerous field jackets in muted tones. Beige, gray, olive, khaki or black are definitely part of the color palette. Because only a subtle collection of details comes into play with them, the hip-length men’s jackets complete the most diverse outfits. With a T-shirt and favorite jeans, a suitable combination for leisure or for the laid-back everyday look. Sporty character receives the Field jacket together with polo shirt and chinos.

Military charm in the focus of field jacket for men

The hip-length men’s jacket is characterized by a well-balanced mix of smart-masculine design and functionality. City-suited forms of the military jacket therefore bring together functional elements with demands on fashion. Often, up to 6 lockable outer pockets allow safe carrying of your favorite accessories. Electronics such as mobile phones or MP3 players can also be found in protected inside pockets on some models. Closing panels over the front zipper with snaps support a windproof and warming feel. Comfort especially in the area of ​​the sensitive neck and ears promises double stand-up collar and flexibly detachable hoods. Also common are models with inner lining to take out. One or the other Field jackets also rely on adjustable drawstrings in the hem. By means of Velcro straps, the sleeves of some jackets can also be adapted to the preferred wearing style. In order to adequately take into account the fashionable character, popular ornament details of the men are used with label patches and textile applications. Buttoned bars skilfully draw attention to the pithy shoulders. If you like to emphasize the silhouette, you prefer to use variable jackets or models with associated belts. Trims made of contrasting material such as corduroy give the field jacket an equally individual touch.