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From casual to elegant with the crop shirt

From casual to elegant with the crop shirt

One of the coolest fashion trends of the 90s comes back with the Crop shirt, But unlike then you do not show with this top your entire stomach. The short shirts are combined with high-waist trousers and skirts, so that only a narrow strip of skin flashes out. This allows women with a few curves to fall back on this stylish trend.

In addition, the center of the body is skilfully staged. Crop shirts bring a change in the look and make for a successful eye-catcher. In summer, they are an absolute highlight and can be worn wonderfully with mini skirts and short shorts. The shirts meet us in many different styles. This includes, for example, the trendy boho look. Colorful patterns and decorative flounces remind us of the 70s. Now only a suede bag and retro glasses are missing to make the look perfect.

For particularly hot days, there are also sleeveless variants, the crop tops. For elegant evening events, you can choose models with transparent sections or sophisticated cut-outs. Even in the city, the casual Crop shirts not missing. For cool casual looks, variants of cozy jersey come into question. They are quite casual in muted gray tones or classic striped patterns. This fits simple jeans and white sneakers. With this look, you can also look at the vocational school or university.