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From casual to elegant with the midi dress

From casual to elegant with the midi dress

With their classic length currently very trendy Midi dresses, They reach below the knee and are thus the golden middle between maxi and minidress. They can be a great alternative to long evening robes while radiating vintage charm. But they are also worn in their free time, where they look casual and feminine at the same time.

Elegant, flowing fabrics, glamorous colors, sparkling details and lace trim transform Midi dresses in great evening dresses, which can be perfectly combined with high heels and clutch. But there are also plenty of casual models that convince with soft jersey fabric and casual fits. Patterned casual dresses in midi-length are the ideal combination partner for the trendy denim jacket and casual monocolour sneakers. For lovers of the hippie look, there are plenty of floral variants that blend in well with leather sandals and retro sunglasses.

For almost any occasion you can Midi dress carry. Sporty and urban models are just the thing for a trip to the city, be it for shopping or coffee with your girlfriend. In the office you can show yourself in classic variants in black or beige. It fits a modern blazer and a timeless pair of pumps. Midi dresses Polka dots or Peter Pan collar remind us of bygone times and are ideal for real vintage fans. Discover the offer and be enchanted by the dreamlike designs.