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From casual to stylish in dress with bolero

From casual to stylish in dress with bolero

Clothes with bolero

On cool summer days or on solemn occasions it is simply indispensable, the Bolero to dress, The short jackets keep your shoulders and arms warm without covering too much of your dress

Because they like to be combined with each other, dress and bolero often bought directly in a practical set on festive models. This has the advantage that material and color then already optimally fit together. You have a wide choice of different colors and materials to choose from.

Elegant models for the evening often consist of high-quality fabrics such as silk or satin. Matte shades are available as well as shimmering variants. Casual sets for the leisure time impress with comfortable cotton or high-quality mixed qualities. The selection ranges from classic beige and black to current trend colors. Of course, there are also plenty of patterned dresses that can convince with flowers or other motives. The bolero this is then kept in the same material and in the same or a contrasting color.

With both you are perfectly equipped for a long day. When it gets warmer at lunchtime, you can just take off the jacket and your sleeveless one dress wear solo. In the church, or when it gets cooler in the evening, you have the Bolero at your disposal.