Saturday , 29 January 2022


With great attention to detail and inspired by the colors of Africa, Fynch Hatton creates the ideal combination of timeless style and high quality. A sweater of the brand is something special and the perfect companion for any adventure.

The name patron and inspiration of the fashion brand is the legendary, British globetrotter, pilot and farmer Denys Finch Hatton. In his person once combined wildly romantic desire for freedom and sophisticated Weltbürgertum. In the men’s fashion of Fynch Hatton, thirst for adventure and luxury merge into a distinctive original.

The Fynch Hatton style for your sweater – high quality and casual

With the timeless elegance and classic cut of the sweaters, Fynch Hatton ensures that you are well-dressed in every situation. They represent a perfect blend of nonchalance and exclusivity. Exciting and lovingly inserted details, such as embroidery or elbow patches, give the knitted sweaters and Troyers the typical signature of Fynch Hatton. The logo with the African umbrella acacia, the symbol of the savannah, ensures a high recognition value.

Highest quality standards for your Fynch Hatton Sweater

When manufacturing, the brand respects the highest possible precision and professionalism. To achieve an excellent fit and a long durability of the seams, each individual sweater is knitted on form and then chained by hand and serged. Their unique wearing comfort is the result of this high standard: Fynch Hatton fashion always feels soft and noble.

But this is also because the pullovers are made exclusively from high-quality materials: selected natural fibers from sustainable production are used: Peruvian cotton, Kashmir from Mongolia, the finest linen and natural silk meet the highest standards.