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Glencheck suits

Glencheck suits

If you’re looking for a casual alternative to a plain suit, then a glen check pattern might be just what you are looking for. The sporty-elegant suit provides fresh wind in both leisure and business fashion.

The history of the checkered design dates back to the 14th century. It originated in the remote valleys of the Scottish highlands, the Glens. There, each clan had its own check pattern as a badge. In the typical Glencheck pattern, a fine checked pattern is overlaid by a larger, contrasting checked pattern.

Many renowned brands offer a diverse range Glencheck Suits for men. The base color, contrast and structure of the check pattern vary relatively strongly in the models. While a suit With understated or coarse textured check design more in line with casual wear, a discreet model is also welcome in the business world, such as less formal office days. Combine to Glencheck suit preferably a plain-colored shirt.