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Great variations of the knitted blazer

Great variations of the knitted blazer

On knit blazer is as comfortable and comfortable to wear as a cardigan. In his charisma, he combines the formality of an ordinary blazer with the cozy charm of cuddly and soft materials.

On knit blazer belongs to the more elegant outerwear for ladies. He is an excellent part of the business chic and for example looks very pretty over a distinctive blouse. In addition, very good looks with material mix can be implemented. So the blazer can be combined from knit to artificial leather pants and satin blouse. Each piece of clothing offers its own haptic, which makes the outfit a lot more interesting.

Regarding the design of the knitwear, you can choose from very different designs: There is the garment with classic lapel collar or pretty contrasting contrast collar, with buttons or zipper or with small pockets. The blazer shape ending in waist height with a waisted cut looks especially pretty and beneficial. In addition, you can choose the knit, whether you prefer a coarse or fine stitch. With a suitable mix of materials, the knitted blazer is usually pleasant to wear on both of them.