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A chino in green is a true classic. As early as the middle of the 19th century, it was worn by British soldiers in the Far East. Accordingly, it is characterized not only by their loose look, but also by their particular robustness. For example, a chino is made from the so-called chino-twill, a cotton material that was rather light, especially in the original version of the chinos, but is also offered in stronger versions today. Its advantage is the high durability and easy cleaning. A chino in green also has no envelope – a clear sign that it is a pair of chinos and not a cargo. The chinos are popular as light trousers for men and women in the summer. It is not fixed on any style, which also shows the choice of color variants. Chino pants offer customers a choice of different shades: the classic is a light beige, but even a chino in green has been a typical color choice since the beginning of the pants and goes well with many outfits. In particular, a dark green impresses with a lot of style and can also be worn in more elegant outfits. For ladies, the Chino in Green also comes in a strong and radiant hue, with which great contrasts can be created.

Chino in green – from stylishly elegant to sporty-casual

A chino in green convinces above all by its combination of nonchalance and style: at the top it is cut a little farther down, it is slightly rejuvenated. Turning one’s legs up creates an urban leisure look that can be worn in stylish surroundings. Combined with a loose blouse and sneakers creates a sporty-stylish outfit. Thus, the chinos are also a good alternative to the classic tube. Men can wear the Chino with elegant leather shoes and sneakers, combined with a T-shirt, shirt or sweatshirt. Thus, a chino in green in any constellation makes a good impression and also convinces by its high comfort. This is due to the airy fabrics and the loose cut. This makes the chinos the perfect pants for every situation.