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They are natural, trendy and bring color into play – green polo shirts have become an integral part of leisure wear and are worn by both ladies and gentlemen. They embody the ideal blend of seriousness and athletic nonchalance, so they can be worn on a variety of occasions.

Green polo shirts for men

Green polo shirts show up in different nuances. Very fresh and youthful shine neon shades, while a rich poison green sprayed summer freshness and good mood. With a shirt in dark fir green you look very elegant. For example, men can combine these models with dark brown chinos and chic leather shoes. Not only do you make a good impression in the golf club, you can also look at your favorite restaurant. It’s a bit more laid-back with lighter polo shirts that you can use with used jeans and sneakers to wonderfully urban look.

Stylish and modern

Ladies also like to wear green polo shirts. The casual tops are the perfect combo to airy 3/4 length trousers and comfortable fabric sneakers. Green shirts are especially good with ladies beige trousers. Bold fashionistas can also go for an allover green look and combine the shirt with pants and shoes in other shades of green.