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High waisted jeans outfit ideas

High waisted jeans outfit ideas

High waist jeans enjoying not by some fashion ‘ sense, but if they are worn properly, these pants really give great satisfaction. Just combine a couple of high-voltage jeans that look great on you with other clothes that makes your waist look harder out and your legs longer.

1 Try different styles of jeans. Like all the other pants have high waist jeans also different joints in the leg. The high life do not affect this function, so it is better to look for a model that fits well with your body’s shape. Jeans with “boot cut” is good for all physicists because they tend to balance out the figure. Kral789 jeans are another great choice as they follow the form without the curves are added too much. If you want to select them are skinny jeans a perfect choice. These models will not have excess fabric on the legs. High-voltage jeans stretch leg: If you choose a thin model, the effect will be reinforced. Be careful when choosing jeans with wide legs or “boyfriend” style. Both tend to be soft on the bone, so in combination with high waist, they can easily make a bad impression on them. If you have enough big thighs or long legs, they can still be good.

2 Choose color carefully. Dark jeans is the most versatile because they can be worn for both informal and more formal occasion. In addition, they contribute, together with the high waist to make the legs slimmer and longer. Medium-or light-colored jeans, however, is good. They go not the leg as the dark, but they are pretty versatile. Colored jeans are fine if they are the right size and if you know how to match them. For example, acid colors reminiscent of the end of the 80 ‘s, so they are perfect with a “grunge” look, but they are not good for a more modern and sophisticated look. Black jeans can look fashionable and stylish, but they are not the best choice for a low-key, relaxed look. High waist jeans in other unconventional colors can make a good effect, but it is important that the cap on the top match of the jeans. Del 2 Have the right top 1 Use short peaks. Most of these tops (shirts and sweaters) are sufficiently short to leave the belt around your waist at jeans. The short shirts balances jeans height, makes the legs anymore and your waist tighter. If you are feeling particularly she can wear a tank or a short shirt that come just below the chest. This way you will show 5-6 cm of skin between shirt and the bottom hem of the jeans, but because the high waist jeans flatten “rolls” of painting, seems to the exposed part of the stomach is pretty thin. Other pretty wavy option is the balcony and the best. If you don’t feel like you’re showing your body too much, you can choose a shirt or a short shirt that come just below your waist. No exposed skin, but you will still be able to achieve the same effect: the balance between the upper and lower part; Alternatively, you can wear a top that comes to the membrane with fringes to cover the stomach.