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Iron-free shirts

Iron-free shirts

Non-iron shirts

Of course, one of the absolute basics of classic menswear shirts, They are not only combined to make a smart suit, but can also be worn during leisure time. It is all the more practical if you do not have to iron the wrinkle-prone garments every day. Non-iron shirts therefore save a lot of time and nerves.

These alternatives are made of special materials that do not wrinkle after washing. Ideally, they should still be hung on a hanger to dry. To prevent them from crumpling due to an unfavorable drying position. The non-iron shirt You can just do it in the evening in the washing machine, hang it up and put it on again in the morning, freshly washed. Morning ironing at the last minute is a thing of the past.

Practical and in every color – the non-iron shirt

The wrinkle-free shirts are just like their conventional counterparts, in numerous colors and fits. For example, the office offers a huge selection of classic variations, from white and beige models or soft pastel colors to patterned finishes. For example, stripes and checks are very much in demand this year. But also in the free time is that non-iron shirt an attractive companion. Flannel variations and Co. are good for casual jeans or chinos. The cuts differ in width and style of collar so you can find a matching shirt for your figure type.

Non-iron shirts for every season

Due to the diverse selection, there is the possibility in any weather to wear a non-iron shirt. In summer, you can grab short-sleeved variants made of thin fabrics. Bright colors are a good choice as they reflect the sun. Incidentally, you can now wear short-sleeved variants in many offices as well. This way, the heat can be better tolerated at the workplace. In the cooler months, on the other hand, you can become long-sleeved shirts made of thick, heat-insulating materials. In combination with a woolen jacket you are protected from the cold.