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Knee Length Dirndl Dresses

Knee Length Dirndl Dresses

Dirndl make the modern costume fashion colorful and diverse

Both classic and modern dirndls set the feminine charms in scene and emphasize the cleavage. If you want a little more feminine and want to get your eyes on the legs, choose a short dirndl dress and combine pumps in a matching color. But also Dirndl with a long skirt flatter the lady. Worn with a little coarse Dirndlschuhen for lacing it is proper; Ballerinas, on the other hand, lend a playful touch to the neat dresses and make them suitable for the city. Of course, color-coordinated accessories must not be missing: in line with tradition, the choice falls for example on jewelry in the form of edelweiss and the traditional hat. Glamorous it is with glittering earrings or a necklace with rhinestones. For the folk festival visit are suitable small shoulder bags, so you have your hands free. Women with a small bust choose the best Dirndl with ruffles or ruffles that create volume, and special Dirndl bras with push-up effect.

Infinite style possibilities

Renowned designers also discover the timeless Dirndl for themselves and experiment with shapes and colors. These variants enjoy great popularity, because the designer Dirndl, despite all their creative freedom, does not miss the love of tradition. In addition the ladies can look forward to high quality and special wearing comfort. In addition, there are versions in subtle colors and pastel shades, as well as unusual Dirndl in bright pink or such unusual color combinations as blackberry-copper or ice-blue salmon. Here, the accessories should then hold back. It becomes romantically playful with floral print and lace. A traditional braided hairstyle fits very well to this girlish look. The opposite is the variant with skulls as a design element. This creation is due to the arrival of the dirndl in the party world of young people and shows at the same time the ongoing interest in traditional dress. It is clear: there is the right dress for every taste. To put on the beautiful Dirndl still crown, offers a color matching hat. The keeps in cooler temperatures and even the head warm.

Dirndl bow – on which side do you wear it?

The dirndl bow is an elemental part of the traditional costume. On which side she is worn, says something about the wearer. It also completes the look skilfully and makes for a tasteful eye-catcher.

So ladies wear the dirndl loop properly

If you are planning to display your new dirndl at the Oktoberfest or in the beer tent, then you should definitely know how best to tie your dirndl bow. If worn on the left side, show the male world that you are still single. Forgiven women wear the bow on the right side. If she is in the middle of the middle, then you come out as a virgin. Widowed ladies wear the bow in the middle back. But even waitresses tend to wear the dirndl bow in the middle back – mostly for practical reasons. Incidentally, it is recommended to iron the band before tying the bow. This is how the look looks especially festive.

Does the loop have to be the same color as the dirndl?

Thanks to a large selection of different dirndl loops, there is the right model for every dress. Many ladies opt for a very subtle bow, which has the same color as the apron. This creates a harmonious look. But of course you can also use the loop as a successful color accent. This works best if you choose a color that does not normally appear in your dirndl. For example, a magenta bow looks great on a dark green or light blue dress.

Pattern and colorful color are always welcome

In addition to many plain-colored loops, there are of course also patterned models. Very popular are checkered variants, preferably in red-white or blue-white. But also delicate floral patterns or classic stripes are possible. Discover for yourself the varied offer and find the ideal dirndl bow for your traditional dress.