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Linen Pants for Women

Linen Pants for Women

Optimal material properties and a pleasantly cool surface are the characteristics of linen pants, The fine structure of the fabric also gives the pants a particularly casual touch.

The material linen excites with a number of features, especially in summer: the fabric has a high air permeability, making it ideal for hot days. Its good absorbency and high tear resistance ensure maximum comfort. In addition, linen scores with its matt-silky shiny surface. A variety of linen trousers for women brings these features very well to advantage: the Marlene pants. The material draping towards the hem plays around the body and is ideal for light, elegant outfits. A feminine look succeeds, for example, with a delicate crochet top and subtle jewelry. Get a fashionable seventies style with a flower tunic, floss sandals and a wide-brimmed straw hat.

Linen pants for women: chic, casual, versatile

Linen pants are also ideal for the office and are the perfect alternative to the skirt. A straight-cut model looks especially chic with a linen blouse. The combination of color-coordinated Blazer and a simple shirt enchanted at the same time with elegance and nonchalance. Even convinced black bearers come with one Leinenhose velvet linens do not work up a sweat. The striking surface structure is particularly striking in light colors such as light gray or beige. The very natural fabric also comes in appealing combinations with other natural materials. For example, Espadrilles, bast or cork swaddling as well as braided leather as a belt or a shoe complete the Leinenhose For Ladies very well.