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Linen shirts for men

Linen shirts for men

Were earlier linen shirts a trademark globetrotters widely traveled, today they have long celebrated their big comeback in the fashion world. The selection of colors and cuts is correspondingly fresh and varied. The shirts are available with both short and long sleeves and can be worn on a variety of occasions.

The linen shirt from natural flax fibers is a popular outerwear especially in hot regions. Since the fibers constantly exchange air humidity with the environment, linen always has a slightly cooling effect and thus ensures a pleasantly light wearing comfort even in extreme heat. Due to its nature, however, the material is also somewhat more sensitive to friction than, for example, cotton. Care should therefore be taken to ensure that linen shirt is best washed in the machine only in the gentle cycle. The sewn-in labels tell you which temperatures your linen shirt can easily handle.

Stylishly combine the linen shirt

The classic white linen shirt can be worn on a variety of occasions. For business appointments you wear, for example, the long-sleeved version in white together with suit and tie. During leisure, the same model fits perfectly with casual jeans and sneakers. If you like it more eye-catching, for example, choose a linen shirt in bold colors or in the trendy lumberjack style with a rough checked pattern. For example, with regard to the cut, you can choose between casual casual fit and a more body-conscious slim fit. Different collar types such as button-down and Kent collar also contribute to the individual appearance of the shirt.