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Maritime Women's Fashion

Maritime Women's Fashion

Maritime fashion

The sea has always exercised a strong influence on humans. So it's no wonder that our maritime clothing is full of maritime elements. Mixed with big city flair and current trends, this creates a completely new fashion that presents itself in a classic, timeless and casual way.

What makes maritime fashion so special

Two colors should not be missed if you want to dress in nautical inspired style. Blue and white appear in the maritime fashion again and again, like in the striped pattern. The look is elegant and sometimes reminiscent of the uniforms of the Navy, but also brings along a certain nonchalance. In addition, it is maritime clothes functional and comfortable. For leisure, the next vacation or the cozy day in the city, this style is the ideal companion.

Great styles for the hip trendsetter

Fashion in maritime style has long been firmly established in women's clothing. For example, the ladies can grab the flared jeans and combine them casually with a longsleeve striped shirt. It gets more elegant with a white capri pants, a light blouse and a dark blue blazer. You can also combine cozy low-cut fabric sneakers. Also very suitable are high waist trousers with pleats. These models are the perfect combination partner for a lightweight cotton blouse and loafers for lacing. Of course, you can also show yourself from your feminine side. For the maritime look, flared dresses or A-line styles are perfect. A Stehragen underlines the outfit skilfully. Matching accessories for this style are straw hats and classic sunglasses.

Maritime fashion for men

The men also like to grab ring shirt and blue jacket. The maritime look brings a touch of adventure and daring into your wardrobe and looks very masculine. Again, the colors blue and white dominate. The look is particularly good if you opt for a jacket or jacket with shoulder straps. These are reminiscent of the typical maritime uniforms. A double-row placket skilfully supports this effect and sets the outfit of the maritime fashion really in scene. Canvas shoes and blue chinos give the look the finishing touch.