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Men’s Sweatshirts

Men’s Sweatshirts

Sporty-casual Men’s sweatshirts are the perfect companions for leisure and sport. Discover the colorful range of hoodies, sweat jackets and classic sweatshirt models with collar and button placket. Here you will find the latest trends in fashionable colors, with stylish patterns or large-scale prints.


The Men’s sweatshirt comes, as the name suggests, from the sports field. The Sweater (sweat sweat) is borrowed from the sportswear of the 19th century, when the British middle class discovered the physical exercise and thus the sweater for themselves. Before this social change one associated sport and sweaty work – with that too Men’s sweatshirt – with men from low levels. The gentleman sweatshirt Pure cotton later became popular for emerging sports such as athletics and polo. Almost a classic when it comes to men sweatshirt is, is the hood sweatshirt, Men already wore this sweater to sports in the 1930s. With the change of sports men’s fashion to streetwear came various forms of Men’s sweatshirts on. In the 80’s and 90’s the hooded sweatshirt became very popular in the urban youth scene and combined with men’s leather jackets or blouson men’s jackets.