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Men’s Winter Coats

Men’s Winter Coats

Coats for men

Men’s coats are wearable all year round, companions for both warm spring days and colder autumn and winter days. Our selection of men’s coats is enough from the elegant short coat over the classic trench coat or duffle coat to the wool coat, Discover the diversity of our brands.

Warm and stylish: autumn coats for men

Autumn is the ideal season to elegantly stage your favorite coat as a man as well. Take, for example, a duffle coat, the simple elegance combined with a sporty touch, Opt for a men’s autumn coat in classic Natural colors such as brown, dark green or navy and combine it with a matching chinos and a pair of rocking boots – so in a snap warm look for cold days, Alternatively, you can also grab a lined hooded parka, a variant of the popular military jacket. In combination with jeans in a used look and a loose sweatshirt, this is what you get Modern street style around your tart coat. If you prefer a cozy, charming look, grab a wool coat and wear a V-neck shirt and dark jeans underneath. In combination with leather slippers, this results in a smart outfit for autumn.

The trench coat – a men’s coat of timeless elegance

Humphrey Bogart pulls the hat low in the forehead, beats the collar of his trench Coats up and looks at it elegant and bold at the same time from: Since Casablanca is this men’s coat no longer indispensable in the fashion world. For neat outfits in autumn or spring, it is ideal. In beige or sand colors he is the classic par excellence. But in black, navy or brown is the Cult coat for men available today. Also with the length you have the choice between short models and long cut variants. And bothers you the original waist belt, there are now even trench coats that do without him.

A variety of current models can be found in our men’s trench coats.

In the down coat sporty and warm through the winter

When it gets really cold, it’s time for a particularly warm coat – for those months of the year are suitable down Coats wonderful. The tender down feathers hold you protected from coldeven on longer hikes through the winter landscape. A hood with fur trim completes this effect and keeps your head and ears pleasantly warm. Opt for a coat in the classic men’s colors brown, navy and black, This can be optimally complemented with every winter outfit.

Find here our current selection of men’s down coats.

Coats in Parkaform – practical companions for every day

They love comfort and convenience – then this coat could be right for you. A long cut parka Protects you not only from rain and wind – especially with a hooded models – it also offers plenty of storage space for everything that men have on the road. From the smartphone to the wallet to the keychain, everything finds its place. That’s thin parkas too a good choice for every festival, For autumn and winter, these coats made of functional materials and down lining are the better choice. On Fur trim on the hood adds another, warming detail to the parka.

For every weather, our assortment offers you the right men’s parka.

Home / Coats / Men’s winter coats
Men’s winter coats

Men’s winter coats

With these stylish Men’s Winter coats can not hurt you from cold temperatures and freezing wind. The offer ranges from casual leisure models over elegant classics to extravagant coats that turn you into a trendsetter in no time.

Winter coats for men: robust and stylish

The casual coats of this season are sporty and casual. The casual parka is a true evergreen, with which you can not go wrong. With lace-up boots and green chinos, you can style a cool military look in no time. With sneakers and jeans the parka looks urban and sporty. Also very casual are outdoor jackets with practical pockets and warming functional fabrics that keep you warm and cuddly at the same time. In such a coat, you can even go hiking. A large hood, optionally with fur collar, completes the practical men’s winter coat skillfully.

High-quality coats for every taste

Wool coats with a wide lapels and simple button placket are classic and elegant. These models are preferably made in timeless colors such as black or brown, so that many possible combinations remain open. Whether over the chic business suit or the casual everyday outfit, such a Men’s Winter coat fits any look and can be combined with the latest fashion every year.

Retro lovers will be happy with the trendy men winter coats in the Caban style. Chic leather shoes and an elegant cloth trousers complete the look tastefully. But of course it’s rocking, too. For material combinations of wool and leather offer. Striking leather sleeves or deliberately placed patches make for a daring touch and make them ideal companions to biker pants and rivets. For gentlemen with a fancier taste, coats with an asymmetrical zipper or models with striking contrasting colors are the perfect choice.