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Pajamas for the bride

Pajamas for the bride

For the registry office Brides increasingly resort to the chic trouser suit. The chic combinations of pants and blazer are of course also for the female wedding guests a great alternative to the dress.

The perfect outfit for one wedding Ideally, it does not only look good, it also brings with it a high feel-good factor, because you want to spend the whole day in it. If you find clothes uncomfortable, you’re welcome to grab them pantsuit, This outfit variant is for both the bride as well as the guests wonderfully timeless, offers itself for various looks and also acts festive.

In a trouser suit for a wedding – a stylish look for the bride

The designers present numerous different variants, both in the typical wedding color white and in many other attractive colors. You can choose between pantsuits with wide or narrow legs, trousers with pleats and many different blazers. With a long narrow lapels, for example, you can optically stretch the upper body, while a long blazer advantageously plays around the silhouette.

The blouse adds an exciting accent to your outfit. For example, choose a lace or slightly transparent quality model made of high quality materials such as silk or chiffon. Filigree pumps or high heels give the look a feminine touch.

Festive trouser suits for wedding guests

The female guests are of course dressed appropriately pantsuit, Almost everything is allowed here: Only the color white is traditionally a taboo, because it is the bride Reserved. Instead, delicate pastel shades or rich colors such as fir green and bordeaux red are perfect for one wedding on. Combine a blouse that sets a festive accent in your outfit with a subtle pattern or appliqué.