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Pencil Skirts – the elegant business look

Pencil Skirts – the elegant business look

When exactly the pencil skirt made its first appearance in the history of fashion and who first introduced it to the fashion world is not so well known. The so-called Pencilskirt played an important role, especially in the 1950s, and is still one of the fashionable highlights as a classic component of business fashion. In the fashion world Dior is considered the official inventor of the straight and narrow, tapering to the knee cut. There were similar skirts already at the end of the 19th century. At this time, however, they could not prevail. Dior, on the other hand, invented the Pencil skirt in black in the middle of the last century, setting a new trend. Visible is the Pencil skirt in black at its shape. He lies close and runs straight down to the knee, where he ends. Longer versions are rarely found because they restrict the freedom of movement. The applications are versatile. So the pencil skirt in black can be worn as part of a costume, but also individually he makes a good figure. An elegant skirt with many facets – the ideal basic for the upscale outfit.

Look elegant with the pencil skirt in black

Especially in business, he is one of the most popular pieces, which are preferred by ladies worn. The pencil skirt in black looks rather set compared to a ladies mini skirt and still has an appealing charisma. It is often combined with high-heeled shoes that visually stretch legs and figure. High heels in dark tones match the pencil skirt in black as well as peep-toes or sandals. Even delicate ankle boots or ankle boots are the right choice for black skirts with a tight fit. Basically, the pencil skirt in black is very compatible in terms of combination with other garments. Not only in the shoes can be chosen from a variety of ways. Also under the tops there are a lot of great parts that fit perfectly. A classic is the white blouse to Pencil skirt in black, This can be a bit playful and have ruffles or other details. Of course it is also possible to bring color into play. Colorful blouses or elegant tops in colorful tones are always well received. It is worthwhile to combine the pencil skirt in black again and again.