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Prom Suits – The right color for your graduation suit

Prom Suits – The right color for your graduation suit

For ceremonial occasions, the outfit must vote for young men. The Prom is a particularly important day and should be celebrated in a stylish suit worthy. Therein you are serious and elegant at the same time. For every type you will find the right color and the right cut.

For the Prom come many different suits in question. Currently, for example, so-called slim-fit models are absolutely trendy. Their narrow cut conjures up a slim silhouette and creates a modern look. If you prefer a little more casual, is well advised with American suits. They are cut more comfortably and offer high wearing comfort. Classically, however, you show yourself in an English two-parter.

The right color for your graduation suit

Depending on your personal taste you can for your suit choose from the classics or fashion colors. Black or dark blue models are very timeless and have the advantage that they can be worn on many other occasions. Since the prom is often held in the spring, it can be a bit warmer on a big day. Bright colors and lightweight materials such as cotton or linen are a good choice. Warm beige or delicate pastel tones create a successful spring look. This fits a classic white or champagne-colored shirt.

Combine the suit for the prom

Buy a finished two-parter or opt for a practical kit model. This suit variant has the advantage that pants and jacket can be put together individually. As a result, you can not only combine different colors and materials, but also adapt it to your individual character.

Now you only need the matching pair of shoes and a chic tie for a successful prom top outfit. Leather shoes in black or brown suit almost everyone suit, Sporty types resort to subtle sneakers, for example made of leather. The tie should be colored on the suit or the shirt be tuned. If you want to do without, you can instead use a pocket handkerchief in the chest pocket of the jacket to create a colorful accent.