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Puffed sleeves with feminine charm

Puffed sleeves with feminine charm

A widespread sleeve shape, which is especially appreciated in women’s fashion, are puff, They are characterized by a bulgy shoulder and give the dress or top much more expression. Already in the 80s were puff in fashion and today they are often worn.

They are usually found on body-cut garments and may vary in severity. A classic example of puff are the charming Dirndl blouses, which are worn to the traditional costume and usually have a special detail on lavish sleeves.

With this sleeve shape wonderfully sophisticated accents can be set that even conjure up a real eye-catcher from a simple top or dress. They always exude a certain romantic, girlish charm. Fashion-savvy ladies therefore like to combine the embellished sleeves as a small break in style with a decidedly cool casual wear. For example, contrast feminine and playful accents with casual jeans-style jeans with distressed effects. Alternatively, puffed sleeves can also be a fashion statement in the style of the 70s. Wear the cute, natural-colored blouses with retro prints to fashionable bell bottoms for a trendy boho look. In winter, coats with puffed sleeves look particularly feminine. They go well with dresses and skirts. In eye-catching colors such as mustard yellow or red you will be a colorful eye-catcher in gray in gray.