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Red bag: eye-catcher for modern outfits

Red bag: eye-catcher for modern outfits

Bags and shoes are without question one of the ladies’ favorite accessories. But bags are versatile and convince with a pronounced variety: a stylish briefcase for the office, a black handle bag for everyday life and one or the other colored model for the special appearance. Among the colorful models, especially the red bag great popularity. Red is and remains simply a great signal color, which enhances every simple outfit in no time. In addition, one has red bag the big advantage that hardly any other accessories or jewelry are needed. The red bag stands alone and looks great in plain clothes at university. However, gold jewelry or a silk cloth in the same color, the red bag is additionally emphasized and the ensemble is thus very consistent.

Always combine a red bag again

Whether shopping, at the office or at the playground – a red bag will suit almost every occasion. However, it is particularly important to the right color. Red bags in cherry red or berry nuances can be excellently worn to black outfits. Through this combination, the powerful tones come into their own and the simple look gets a noble touch. In combination with a dark costume or with a black skirt and a white blouse a red bag may also be worn in the office. For festive occasions or for an elegant evening event, it is important to pay attention to quieter shades. Here dominate Kaminrot, dark red or a rich wine red. In addition, care should be taken to ensure that the shade of red has a rather cool rather than too warm undertone. Dark reds look very noble and can be combined well with silver or gold jewelry. When it comes to styling, ladies are welcome to choose between the bright colors as they please – because when the bag is dark, a bright outfit sets a nice contrast. With the bag shapes are still shoulder bags and pouches absolutely in vogue. Such a red bag offers enough space in everyday life, is simply a great eye-catcher and can always be worn differently – crossover and sometimes laid loosely over one shoulder.