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Red coat in any shape – from trench coat to duffle coat

Red coat in any shape – from trench coat to duffle coat

Red coat for women and men – stylish and elegant or sporty and casual

On red coat is a wonderful eye-catcher in almost every outfit – whether stylish evening wear or casual sports clothing. So, the color red is by no means just an extravagant style. Because just a dark red gives an elegant look and communicates a certain maturity, which is the basis of every stylish outfit. Especially one red coat in wine red fits very well with the different styles. So it can be easily combined with both jeans and cloth pants. The best way to make a red coat in conjunction with various shades of brown. Especially Bordeaux red creates a wonderful color harmony, which is good for ladies and gentlemen alike. Ladies therefore like to wear a coat together with brown lace-up shoes, ladies’ chinos or even a leg-free outfit. In particular, long coats are very useful here. Men, on the other hand, combine a coat in wine red with a sporty or elegant outfit. It is conceivable, for example, the combination with jeans, casual sneakers and sweatshirt. For those who prefer a little more stylish, they can wear suit trousers or chinos, an elegant wool sweater and brown leather lace-up shoes.

The fashion industry offers a large selection of different models of mantles. A red coat is in any form a particular eye-catcher. Trenchcoats in red, for example, are very popular. This coat, which has been popular since the 19th century, is available for both women and men. It is available as a long red coat or as a short coat for the transitional period. Due to its water-repellent fabric, the so-called gabardine, it is ideal as a raincoat. A nice wool coat, however, is the duffle jackets. He owes his name to a special wool from the Belgian city of Duffel. Their advantage is the good insulation, which is why a duffle coat is particularly suitable as a warm winter jacket. Characteristic are the big toggle buttons and the big hood. Such a red coat impresses visually with its trendy retro style, which does not only look good in an elegant outfit. Especially young people like to combine a duffle coat with a sporty outfit made of jeans and sneakers. There are no limits to creativity here. Thanks to the noble color, a red coat can be easily worn with a wide variety of colors.