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RED SCARVES -for great color accents in the cold season

RED SCARVES -for great color accents in the cold season

With a scarf in red great color accents can be set. This raises a gaudy red strongly from the otherwise rather dark autumn and winter fashion and thus provides a special eye-catcher. One is particularly elegant scarf in red in a dark shade. For example, red wine, sometimes called Bordeaux, has long enjoyed great popularity. In terms of color, it is close to brown and can be wonderfully worn with all outfits with large amounts of brown. This fits scarf in red, for example, wonderful to a brown coat or brown chinos. Although a rich Bordeaux red looks rather elegant, it can be combined with the sporty style. It is possible to combine it with a sweatshirt, jeans and sneakers outfit, with bordeaux still looking their best with colors like brown, beige and golden yellow. Because especially with golden yellow creates a beautiful color harmony, which is reminiscent of the colors of autumn and thus not in vain enjoys great popularity.

Scarf in red – from a thin scarf to a thick woolen scarf

A scarf in red fulfills several purposes: Originally it comes from Persia, where it was worn as a large cloth around the neck and over the shoulders. In Europe, it initially established itself in the same way, but was replaced by coats. Only then were the scarf and the scarf rediscovered as an equally practical and beautiful accessory. So a scarf in red reliably protects against low temperatures and is in many outfits a nice eye-catcher. Ladies and gentlemen have the choice of a large number of different models. Women in particular often grab the scarf on warmer days. Chiffon scarfs are made from a particularly thin fabric that protects only slightly from the cold. For such a scarf in red makes an elegant impression and is therefore popular. Men, on the other hand, seldom grab a scarf, although there is a wide choice for them. In winter, the scarf in red is mainly made of robust wool, for example as a circular scarf worn. Optically, the choice consists of monochromatic models and scarves in great patterns. All are excellent for setting color accents and give even a rather out-of-style outfit the necessary whistle.