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RED SNEAKERS – from a practical sneaker to a trendy casual shoe

RED SNEAKERS – from a practical sneaker to a trendy casual shoe

Sneakers in red are no longer a contrast to an elegant outfit. With stylish designs, sneakers from brands such as Nike and Puma can easily fit into a classy look. Nevertheless, the history of sneakers fashion is characterized by practical designs – fashionable aspects do not play a role here at first. In the 20th century, companies such as Nike, adidas and Asics set out to develop ever more innovative shoes for a variety of sports disciplines, with the goal of designing the most efficient sports shoes possible. The result is new concepts for the soles, air permeable fabrics and interesting designs, which soon also fall in the casual fashion – the sneaker is born as a fashionable shoe for all walks of life. If you prefer classic sneaker fashion with simple colors like white, black or brown, you should take a closer look at red sneakers. With their strong colors and strong contrasts stand out Red Sneakers quite easy from the crowd and can be combined with many outfits.

Sneakers in red match the most different outfits

While bright red is a stark contrast to most outfits, Weinrot integrates beautifully into many styles. Especially in the cool season can be set with a sneaker in red, a nice warm color accent, which is equally well received by ladies and gentlemen. Very classic is the combination of red sneakers and blue jeans. But also with brown trousers like Chinos ladies and gentlemen can wear sneakers in red. Again, a dark Bordeaux red fits especially well to the various shades of brown. Also possible is the combination with a dark yellow or beige – colors, which fit especially in the autumn and winter. In addition to the optical nonchalance of sneakers, they also have another big advantage: their robust quality. That’s the way most people are Sneakers designed for certain sports such as running, basketball and skateboarding, where high demands are placed on the shoes. A good example of sturdy shoes are skate sneakers: With abrasion-resistant soles, high-quality upper material and reinforced seams, these sneakers in red have a long life and a high wearing comfort. Customers not only benefit from the stylish designs of the sneakers, but also from their high quality.