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ROSA BLAZER -A blazer in pink convinces

ROSA BLAZER -A blazer in pink convinces

a pink blazer to the green rock? Anyone who wonders why pink is such a popular color for clothing probably does not call it a garment in this changeable color. The many pink shades make it possible to put trendy in scene with pink in combination with almost all other colors. The color palette ranges from delicate violet to blackberry, from old rose to pink. Exactly the right thing for delicate color combinations pink blazer and a beige pants. If you like it more colorful, wear a pink blazer with an olive green skirt. Nature prescribes the color combinations that we use creatively in fashion as well. If in doubt, the motto is Cross-over. Anything that pleases is also allowed. A pink blazer is a stylish choice both in the office and in your free time. A light pink blazer, for example from Gerry Weber, in combination with dark trousers from BRAX, makes a tasteful and comfortable combination for all occasions.

A blazer brings its own advantages

Ladies, who check their style regularly with a look in the mirror, know about the power of accessories. Only with the right jacket does a look look complete. Whether pulled over the dress or the blouse: A matching jacket completes the overall picture and offers the possibility to set color accents. Especially a pink blazer offers advantages over other jackets. A pink blazer makes it possible to visually highlight the advantages of the female figure. If the lady is satisfied with her waist and shoulders, a figure-hugging pink blazer ensures that these benefits come into their own. If you prefer something, choose one pink blazer, who plays around the figure and knows how to hide little things. Any lady can show her chocolate side with the help of a pink blazer. If the blazer falls well in the back and the shoulders are slightly emphasized, the body is optically stretched. A blazer is cut so that it allows a good fit of the neckline, which is particularly favorable in figure-hugging clothing. With a pink blazer, every lady cuts a fine figure, whether in the office or at the cocktail party: a garment that should not be missing in any wardrobe and forms the basis for versatile outfits throughout the year.