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Ruffle Shirts

Ruffle Shirts

Give every outfit a special touch. In addition, the frilly shirts the perfect combination partner for elegant, casual and romantic looks. In addition, you can wear them both in everyday life and on special occasions.

Romantic and sporty tops with ruffles in different lengths

The fashionable shirts are available in sleeveless, short-sleeved and long-sleeved design. For the summer sleeveless models with cute ruffles at the arm opening in question. These stylish tops give jeans shorts or harem pants a feminine touch. frilly shirts in soft pastel shades such as rosé and mint green or in brilliant white go well with the romantic look. Slightly falling fabrics such as chiffon or silk underline the delicate look of the T-shirts. But the ruffled design also fits sporty looks. So you can wear models of durable jersey well to a pair of jeans in a used look and a pair of sneakers, creating a successful mix of styles.

The ruffle shirt? a top for different looks

Folkloric flair comes with strapless Carmen shirts. In these models, the ruffles are placed directly at the neckline. These include a high-waist skirt and a pair of suede ankle boots. Playful ruffles are also often combined with peplum, because they conjure up a particularly feminine figure. They go perfectly well with pencil skirts or slim fit pants. Elegant ankle boots with stiletto heel complete the outfit. A ruffle shirt also fits wonderfully to a retro look. For example, you can combine a cropped top with ruffles and polkadots to a wide-cut Marlene pants with a high waistband.