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Shift dress in blue – A real all-rounder

Shift dress in blue – A real all-rounder

The sheath dress in blue – Michelle Obama has a thing for it

America’s First Lady likes to be dressed in a simple yet effective shift dress blue photographed. She prefers sleeveless models that accentuate her pretty arms favorably. Her dark skin color and her type are particularly suited to a bright cobalt blue that she often wears. On top of that, a shift dress in blue just the thing for state banquets, receptions and other official appointments. The sheath dress in blue has a confidence-inspiring, calming and at the same time positive and friendly. The classic shift dress, also called hose dress or shift dress, has a long history. In the 1930s and 1960s, many stars and celebrities such as Jacky Kennedy, Edith Piaf and Audrey Hepburn wore it. It always radiates style and class. The sheath dress in blue is today a timeless elegant business outfit that can be variously redesigned with various accessories. The sheath dress in blue stands for every woman type. The cut of the sheath is narrow and figure-hugging, sometimes slightly figurative. Mostly it has a horizontal neckline without collar. Typical is the sleeveless or short-sleeved version. The length is knee-round.

The sheath dress in blue is therefore also suitable for official and business appointments, because it is classic and simple and barely decorated. Completely straightforward and minimalist in design, it looks very serious and yet elegantly feminine. The sheath dress in blue can easily be worn during the day and in the evening. As a simple blouse dress, summer dress, cocktail dress or evening dress – it just always fits. For the evening, the sheath dress in blue can be refined with striking jewelry. Daytime business appointments include subtle jewelry such as small stud earrings and pearl earrings. In the evening, it may also be long earrings, voluminous bangles or rings with large gemstones. An important aspect is the material for the shift dress in blue. Light viscose makes it flow and hardly wears on. Heavier fabrics are good for the fall and winter seasons. The sheath dress in blue can also be made of jersey or wool. Its attractive, discreet cut leaves room for many variations. With different colored handbags, cloths and shoes you can refine the look quickly and with style. But you should always have a clutch of the same color.