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Shirt concealed placket

Shirt concealed placket

For exclusive events in a sophisticated atmosphere are Shirts with concealed button placket the ideal companion. They look particularly noble and can be wonderfully combined with smart suits or tuxedos.

Fashionable gentlemen who want to be sure about the social floor, should at least one Shirt with concealed button placket have. Especially for a tuxedo they are a must. Since the buttons are not visible, they can not interrupt the homogeneous impression of the shirt, so that the noble fabric comes out perfectly.

The wide selection of shirts

Just like classic shirts are too Shirts with concealed button placket available in numerous designs. You have the choice of materials, collar shape and color. For example, cotton and fine silk are available to you. The choice of the collar depends mainly on which tie you want to wear or if you grab the fly. For example, wide briefs and voluminous tie knots should always be combined with a large collar. White shirts are absolutely timeless and go with every suit or tuxedo. Also very elegant look models in light gray or champagne. If you want to bring a little color into play, you can access shirts in soft pastel colors. For example, rosé, apricot or light blue are possible.