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Shoes to wear suit ideas

Shoes to wear suit ideas

YOU are ALSO stuck in front of the shoe shelf in the Hall without being able to decide which shoes to match your costume? Quiet and Nice, we have the answers to what colors get married and who’s hell no.

There are many old unwritten and written rules on which shoes you should wear to the costume. Some are General and apply still while others have lost their weight. In the context of the wedding and the funeral, it may be time to rethink traditional while the other functions are given the opportunity to take out the turns a little bit.

Traditional black -if we start with the most classic and timeless black suit, you should combine this with black shoes. Brown and black is not a perfect match, and the contrast is too big.

Any blue -unlike the black so marries the blue suit with both Brown and black shoes. Brown and blue is a magically stylish combination that always works. However, both of these colors may be perceived as something more informal than, for example, black and dark gray.

Generous light grey -here we have a different kostymfärg that are in harmony with both black brown shoes. Be sure to match the belt with the same color as the shoes.

Classic dark grey – similar to the black costume so cut out the dark gray too much with Brown for it to look neat. Bet on the classic black shoes.

Brave Brown -are you brave crowd who have balls enough to carry up a sleek Brown suit, the choice is obvious-brown shoes.