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Slim fit business shirts

Slim fit business shirts

In the business world, you now wear figure-hugging clothing again. Here are the elegant ones Slim Fit Business Shirts precisely. They are slim cut without restricting the wearer and delight in many attractive trend colors.

Slim Fit Shirts can be made of very different materials. Very often cotton or silk are used. You can choose between different collar shapes for your business look. Widely spaced collar tips are ideal for voluminous tie knots, for example. The tighter the tips are together, the smaller the tie knot should be. Slim Fit Shirts emphasize the natural body shape of the man in their cut, so that the shoulders are even better. The modern cut makes it the absolute favorite of trendy men around the world. Fits best to wear a tight-fitting pants and a Slim Fit jacket. To round off the look, a modern, narrow tie is recommended.

Classic or bold colors for your slim fit business shirt

If you like it classic, you are well advised with models in white or champagne colors. These variants can be combined with many different suits, from blue to black, and also quite casual in your spare time wear. With an open collar, they go well with casual jeans and suede lace-up shoes. Fashionable gentlemen who like to show their colors are allowed to dress elegant shirts in dark berry tones or delicate pastel colors. There are also slim fit models that stand out with plaid or stripes. Keep in mind that when choosing the most serious business meetings, the pattern should be as subtle and small as possible.