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Solemn combinations with blue suit pants

Solemn combinations with blue suit pants

Blue suit pants

She is a true classic and must not be missing in any classic men’s wardrobe: the blueness Dress trousers are one of the absolute basics of serious fashion, which makes a well-kept impression at all times

With timeless details, such as cuffs and underpants, welt pockets and elegant piped pockets, the suit trousers in blue are per se for many occasions at work, but also for solemn occasions in the free time the right choice. Many cut styles, from the straight leg to the fashionable slim-fit silhouette, leave room to wear your pants the way your personal style fits best. Noble materials, such as new wool and cotton, are used and an elastane content creates a special plus in terms of comfort.

Office looks with a suit trousers in blue

Combined with a noble shirt, possibly in light blue, an inconspicuous belt and a matching tie, a classic business look is created with a blue suit trousers. He is timeless and looks friendlier than variants in anthracite or black. If you combine a jacket, it is advisable to choose this in exactly the same shade of blue. A dress trousers in a fashionably slim fit in combination with a patterned shirt will match the fashionable casual business look. With high-quality leather laces, for example in camel brown, you can give the outfit a particularly chic touch.

Solemn combinations with blue suit pants

On special occasions, the classic trousers also own. With an extravagant tie and a particularly noble shirt, for example made of silk, she accompanies you blueness Suit trousers also for family celebrations or for an evening in the theater. Shimmering and metallic iridescent color variants that look particularly harmonious with the matching tie are especially suitable for festive occasions. They look great at weddings or other elegant events, especially during the day.