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Style guide-The Blazer for men

Style guide-The Blazer for men

What exactly is a blazer? Have you ever asked yourself that question, you are certainly not alone. The answer then?

JO a BLAZER is simply a single-or double-breasted uddakavaj, i.e. a jacket that is not part of a costume. It can be a solid color or a more traditional checkered or striped variant.
Club-Blazer? It is a blazer with a badge on the breast pocket. A piece of clothing that can easily bring to mind old British manors and private schools. Style with jeans and white t-shirt for a look that is relaxed while dressed up.
A blazer can be matched in the infinite depending on occasion and of course on the appearance of the Blazer. It is a thicker wool quality fits perfectly as a jacket in the spring little chilly days. Top off the look with happy hat or CAP, gloves and a thin yllehalsduk. Ablazer in the thinner material works as well at the party who, on the date or the Office. T-shirt or shirt under, select according to occasion. Are you afraid to freeze, it is not wrong to have a thin Wool Sweater under, preferably v-neck so a shirt collar can stand up without being ashamed.