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Sweater in pink: classic serious or relaxed sporty

Sweater in pink: classic serious or relaxed sporty

They are a real must-have for all trendsetters and those who want to become this season: the pink sweaters. Whether radiant pink or a gentle pastel shade, in this color you can be seen in every season.

The trend pieces in altrosa can look really chic and are ideal for outfits with classic charm. The fashion-loving woman wears white trousers or jeans with a light wash. With a V-neck that reveals the view of the blouse collar, the pink sweater even looks really serious.

You like it more casual and sporty? Then the sweaters in the color maybe just the thing for you. Wide fit and a washed-out used-look make these trendy pieces the perfect combination partner for boyfriend jeans and comfortable sneakers. Very stylish and relaxed seem too long pullover, These can easily be worn over a leggings. Fuchsia models stand out as an effective contrast to black leggings. bright pink On the other hand, it can be well combined with shades of gray or white.

So much choice, so many styling possibilities

Sweaters with pink gradient bring fresh hippie flair in your looks. Incidentally, the batik look and ombré look on the trend pieces also make for a fresher summer day. For the white crochet skirt or the trendy jeans shorts, the parts come into their own. Quaint coziness comes along pink Jump up with a cute braid pattern. The old pattern and the fresh trend color combine actuality and tradition in a successful way. Leather boots and parka are the ideal combination partner here. Discover the many attractive designs and find the perfect fit for your type. From airy oversize jumpers in pink to feminine variants with waisted cut everything is there.