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Swimsuits for women – Ideas and tips

Swimsuits for women – Ideas and tips

The oldest traditions of swimwear can be found in ancient paintings and mosaics from an ancient villa in Sicily, dating from the 4th century AD. Surprisingly, the pictures there are bikinis that for a long time had to give priority to bathing suits as socially accepted bathing suits.

Before the bathing suit was established, people bathed in underwear: long underpants, a shirt and stockings. At the beginning of the 20th century, the first bathing suits made of cotton or wool and in jersey form were launched on the market. Right this became popular, however, only in the 1920seven if in some places they were considered very liberal. It was not until much later that the practical nylon was used. Also the fit of the swimsuit was adapted more and more to the requirements of swimming. Today there are Swimsuits in several variants, For colors, patterns and cuts, there are many ways to combine. Swimsuits are available with straps and without, with push-up or classic.

The Trends of the Summer: One Shoulder Swimsuit or Bandeau Swimsuit?

When so-called Bandeau swimsuit The chest area is set off by a horizontal band from the rest of the swimsuit and acts simultaneously seductive and high quality. The bandeau can be kept in the same style as the rest of the swimsuit, or be designed in a different color or pattern. If the swimsuit has a bandeau that is very eye-catching, it will become yours Bustle skilfully staged, Sometimes bandeau swimsuits do not wear on carriers. Preformed cups and supportive straps provide sufficient support. For larger bumps, however, the variant with straps is advisable.

Only half of the carriers, but still no half things – that’s it One shoulder swimsuit, This model also cleverly focuses on the shoulders and bust. As the name suggests, this variant is only one shoulder covered, Depending on the cut, pattern and details, the One Shoulder swimsuit will either work sporty or playful, For example, ruffles sitting on the individual carrier, quickly arises summery-feminine look,

A successful compromise to the bikini is one Swimsuit that is open at the side, Above all, he emphasizes the waist and looks particularly sexy through the cleverly set cut outs. Sometimes they are Side cut outs on the swimsuit also supplemented by inserts of mesh fabric, so that the skin is still covered by the thin, transparent fabric layer.

Some swimsuits emphasize the waist and slim them, or they set the eye on a beautiful, heart-shaped décolleté. For some comfort, some swimsuits have an underbust rubber, others have soft cups for a nice breast shape. Also popular are the Swimsuits that are combined with a hip-length dress – perfect for concealing curves.

And what is the woman wearing over the bathing suit?

From the pool or beach fast in the bar or in the evening directly to the restaurant? It takes practical Fashion that you can wear over the bathing suit, Airy beach dresses that are easy to put on and take off are best. Even t-shirts and shorts or skirts fit well with the swimsuit. For a walk on the promenade or on the beach you can slip in comfortable sandals. Even accessories must not be missing for the perfect bathing look: beach hats or shawls can be ideally combined to form a swimsuit.