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The alternative to the classic: brown suit for men

The alternative to the classic: brown suit for men

The classic black combination is timelessly modern and suitable for any occasion. The brown variant also sets an individual accent. Together with a colored shirt and matching shoes, the brown outfit can show a variety of facets. In everyday life and in the office, bright shades of yellow and rose bring out the suit. The job interview after the application becomes a secret fashion show: The matching tie and briefcase in dark brown enhance the combination with a simple shirt. In the evening, the jacket can be pulled out: Orange and purple nuances work in conjunction with brown wonder in dark restaurants. In addition to the shirt colors can also be played with the materials. A fine new wool mix, about one brown suit by Pierre Cardin, hugs the body and shines with high wearing comfort. Cotton is casual and keeps you warm in winter. A dark brown looks elegant in Cord. Stylish and with fine satin lining convinced brown suit from Cinque. Classically this is the simple white shirt that completes every look.

Whether pinstripe or crease, a brown suit proves style

Depending on the physique, the different trouser cuts support size and stature. A straight-cut brown suit stretches the leg and keeps it slim. Noble fabrics such as cashmere and merino wool reinforce this effect and are considered true fashion wonders. Men who once own a brown suit, whether two-piece or three-piece, will always want one in the closet. The optional vest and also the often colored inner lining give the whole outfit its final touch – little things like these can create a completely new impression. Matching cufflinks in gold or silver tones are eye-catching. The shoes do not have to have exactly the same shade of brown. Light leather and even black are common combinations. The chest inside and flap pockets accentuate the jacket and catch the eye. Depending on the light, darker materials can also appear black and yet provide variety. If you want to try other sounds as the classic and still want to stay stylish, is right with Braun. Modern designs and quality workmanship, such as the Boss Black model, inspire men’s hearts and make them beat faster. A brown suit is considered an equal alternative to the classic. He looks both serious in everyday business as well as relaxed and casual on festive occasions.