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The brown leather jacket – always cool on the go

The brown leather jacket – always cool on the go

A tan Leather jacket is suitable for a variety of occasions in everyday life as well as in leisure time due to its timeless look. Although most of them became known through motorcycle racing, leather jackets have a lot of far-reaching history. The jackets originally developed for pilots are given new charm in 1950 by icons such as Elvis Presley, James Dean or Marlon Brando. In the time of rock’n’roll bands such as Queen and the Rolling Stones are influencing fashion and making the combination of leather jacket and jeans wearable to a broad mass. The punk scene with its rebellious character as well as dance films of the 1980s also shape the design of today’s popular pieces. These include the black and the tan Leather jacket from the beginning to the coveted pieces. In the meantime, designers have resorted to a wide range of colors, from summery shades such as yellow and turquoise to pastel, for example soft pink or mint green. The classics themselves bring themselves into conversation with more and more facets and details. Thus, the brown leather jacket is visually diverse – sometimes in cognac in a loose style, sometimes elegant with elaborately worked fur collar.

Classic for decades: the brown leather jacket

Originally designed as an aviator jacket, the Modebasic is available in numerous high-end designs from brands such as Bugatti and Cabrini, Diesel and Gipsy. Even brand-owned lines like Boss Orange and Boss Black reinvent the classic. With a clear appearance, the brown leather jacket is versatile wearable to the favorite jeans, to cloth trousers or even as a casual complement to a dress. A straight zipper, side zip pockets and a slight stand-up collar stand for this purist style. One or the other brown leather jacket breaks in favor of the trend character with familiar elements. Sloping zippers, contrasting materials and unconventional combinations come into play here. Some models are technically a sophisticated mix between biker jacket and blazer. Matching the slightly waisted cut with rounded hem, turn-down collar and fine grain set accents. Those who like to emphasize casual in style influenced by motorsport, who puts on jackets with ribbed waistband, patch flap pockets or patches. Latches on the sleeves, waist and collar as well as contrast stitching are also typical details. The quality of the basics from the world of jackets is enhanced by the high-quality processing of real leather, increasingly lamnappa. So black and brown leather jacket look appealing and at the same time robust. Lightweight trimmings with satin fabric and removable faux fur collar complete the tough look.