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The day dress and the woman

The day dress and the woman

The day dress describes as a generic term a wealth of clothes. Cuts, colors, shapes and silhouettes produce different variations. These include many clothes that you are guaranteed to hang in your closet. These include:

  • sundresses
  • Shirt dresses
  • Jersey Dresses
  • Etui or wrap dresses

These are models that you can wear every day – regardless of the seasons outside. A versatile and feminine companion for endless opportunities.

Dress-like cuts themselves are as old as humanity itself. Even the ancient Babylonians, Greeks and Romans wore tunics.

These old robes are the precursors of today’s clothes and were already richly decorated and made of noble wool qualities or even silk. Over time, cuts and materials changed – sometimes the day dress was narrower, sometimes wider cut. And until the 14th century, the dress was worn by both sexes. Only later did it become the typical garment of women’s fashion, symbolically accompanying the woman, her story as emancipation. Let’s just think of the petticoat of the 1950s, the mini dress of the 1960s or the romantic Laura Ashley flower pattern dress of the 1990s. Rarely have it been the big evening gowns that wrote fashion history. Rather, it was the simple models – just Day Dresses,

A day dress, different facets

Today you can choose your personal favorite day dress according to your taste. A fixed trend such as the shift dress in the days of Jackie O. or the wide-swinging maxi dresses of the early 90s, there are hardly. The trends are more complex and broader. Choose for yourself what you stand for and which look you declare your style.