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The green jeans as a fashion statement

The green jeans as a fashion statement

In the 70s of the 19th century, gold rush prevailed in San Francisco. Levi Strauss, a native of Upper Franconia, applied for a patent for trousers that met the special requirements of the miners. The jeans are still made of denim, so cotton, which is particularly robust by the so-called twill weave. Levi Strauss had the first jeans dyed blue – that was cheaper than other colors because the indigo used was easy to come by. He was thus responsible for a fashionable turnaround that was due to pragmatism: from the brown cloth to the blue jeans trousers. It is a blessing for the variety of wardrobes worldwide that such conditions no longer play a role today. Although the blue jeans is still the classic, but it is no longer alone in the market. For example, the ever-increasing popularity enjoys the green jeans, It is more versatile and noticeable than the well-known blue model. Nevertheless, one can green jeans also discreetly appear. The benefits of classic jeans remain the same in every color. Denim is as sturdy as it was over a hundred years ago and looks great – whether on the gold mining claim or in the office.

Combinations with white or brown are recommended

The green jeans is an eye-catcher – whether on the road, at work or at leisure. For a more subtle look, combine the green jeans with muted colors. A white shirt always fits, but also brown or a dark blue harmonize perfectly with the green jeans. Only too many colors should not be. While the gold miners of the Wild West have not yet thought much about the cut of their super-rugged jeans, the fashion-conscious Jean carrier of today is spoiled for choice: Chino or skinny jeans, slim fit or loose fit jeans. The green jeans vary in their color palette of poison green over grass green up to a strong green. Even with an individual wash the green jeans sets accents – there is something for every taste. A green jeans in pastel tones shows rather restrained. Who knows: Maybe the cowboys, who were provided with fresh work clothes by Levi Strauss, would have been glad about a little change. One thing is for sure – today the green jeans are in fashion.