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The green tie is always a perfect choice

The green tie is always a perfect choice

Anyone who often wears suits and ties in business often faces the question of how to bring some variety into the serious outfit. Simple and unobtrusive, this goes with a pretty tie. The green tie is a good choice. As a silk tie she shimmers in shades of green discreetly and mysteriously. Whether pale green, blue-green, emerald green or fir green – green is the basic color of nature and harmonious with many other tones. The business tie in shades of green fits optimally to the classic suit colors like black or gray. If you want to be particularly chic, combine them green tie with a handkerchief in the same green shade. Tie bearers, who are fans of pattern ties, also find unusual models in the color green. Patterned ties can be worn well in the office or at business appointments if the patterns are not too big or flashy. The green tie in funky variants is suitable for leisure: Who likes to party in a suit can spice up his outfit with a wild patterned tie in green. Super to look green sneakers or green cufflinks. For the elegant look you should grab ties made of satin or silk. These materials shine great and attract attention.

A green tie is suitable for every occasion

The green tie can be worn on any occasion: it fits well on private parties, anniversaries, parties, but especially in the business world. Green is a friendly, natural color that also harmonizes with shades of brown. Compared to an eye-catching red, the green tie leans back discreetly. To dark blue and beige suits it forms an interesting contrast. Only if the suit itself has been chosen in a distinctive color, the combination can become too colorful. The green tie looks summery and fresh for a light suit. For the suit in the classic color black, it looks elegant and ensures that the overall appearance is not too dark. Even with the choice of shirt color, there is a lot of scope with the green tie. The white shirt to the suit offers gaudy shades of green a simple base and lets sparkle dark shimmering ties. But shirts in shades of blue harmonize with green ties. A black shirt is also a good choice. The green tie can be chosen in subtle or bright eye-catching shades of green.