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The handbag in pink is happy

The handbag in pink is happy

The handbag in pink is a fashion statement

You can see them more and more often as loyal companions of Hollywood stars and models – the handbag in pink. Bright colors for noble bags are long in vogue and are considered as fashionable and chic. It is not a matter of age, who reaches for the handbag in pink. Jessica Parker wears the handbag in bright pink as proud as the young star AnnaLynne Mc Cord. From the style of the famous It-girls and older style icons you can be inspired to choose the right outfit. Very nice dark navy blue is combined with the handbag in pink. This contrast makes this cheerful feminine color shine and makes it look very chic and stylish.

Anyone who decides on a pink handbag will notice it. It does not matter if it’s a shoulder bag, clutch or a practical shoulder bag for shopping. Pink attracts attention. But in a pleasantly feminine and cheerful way. Pink is the adult pink and stands today for a consciously lived femininity, which was not so natural for long times. The handbag in pink says a lot more than it seems at first glance. She is not only complacent and typically feminine, but also very confident. However, one must distinguish the fine color nuances with the effect of a handbag in pink. Bright pink looks like a happy signal, which stands for a youthful attitude of the wearer. It is playful and girlish. Dark Pink, on the other hand, has something profound and a little enigmatic about it. With dark pink, the wearer also emphasizes her femininity, but in a more subtle way than with a handbag in bright pink. Not without reason, the designers pay attention to different shades of pink in their nuances. Sporty brands rely on bright pink, which goes very well with young girls. Luxury labels like Michael Kors prefer to choose a darker tone, also because it harmonises beautifully with golden decorative elements. Nevertheless, one should not think that bright pink is reserved for young girls only. The Jelly Bag by Furla, for example, is a real classic that women of almost every generation proudly wear. This cult bag has started a wave from which many labels benefit today. noble Bags today may be made of plastic and in striking bright colors.