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The perfect apron dress for every lady

The perfect apron dress for every lady

They stand for tradition and at the same time offer modern interpretations, which show themselves in the form of fresh colors and patterns. Therefore, apron dresses are particularly common in traditional costumes. For folk festivals and family celebrations they are ideal.

One of the most famous apron dresses is the classic dirndl. Here the apron is worn over the skirt and tied with a loop around the hips. The position of the loop plays an important role. If the bow is worn on the right, the lady signals that she is already taken. However, single women wear them on the left side. A bow tied to the back can either mean that the lady is a widow or a waitress. But aside from the cultural background, aprons give clothes a decorative effect. Checkered models are particularly common. But on solemn occasions, they can also consist of a shiny satin fabric.

There are two small rules to choose from. The ideal apron should always be a little shorter than the skirt and be color coordinated with the dress. Special embellishments, such as embroidery, lace patterns or elaborate borders, provide effective accents. Since apron dresses around the Oktoberfestsaison are also a real trend, you will also find modern variants in different lengths. The choice of colors is correspondingly huge, ranging from delicate rose tones to strong trend colors to classics such as blue or beige. Usually, the apron is sold directly in the set with the matching dress, so that everything is harmoniously matched.